Meeting Tumbo & Family!

Meeting Tumbo & Family!

Last Saturday was my first time to meet Tumbo and his remarkable family, matriarch T2C (mom, born 1989) and her 4 kids. Remarkable, because Tumbo T2C2 (born 2005) has scoliosis and has difficulty catching his food and traveling. He’s always lagging behind, but his family always patiently waits for him, and makes sure he has plenty to eat. We witnessed the family – many times – logging 300-400 yards ahead, waiting for Tumbo to catch up. Wow, a privilege to watch this group of Transient/Biggs orcas. Oh, and we saw 2 wonderful humpback whales, Heather and Crater, AND it was a beautifully calm fall day . Thanks to Jeff Friedman and J1 for such a grand day. ~Jill Hein, Volunteer Naturalist

T2C2 – Tumbo, born 2005, Photo by Jill Hein

Tumbo’s Family Group, Photo by Jill Hein

Family Group waiting for Tumbo to catch up, Photo by Jill Hein

T2C1 – Tumbo’s Big Brother, Photo by Jill Hein

Mom – T2C in front, Photo by Jill Hein

Humpback known as Heather, Photo by Jill Hein

Tail Lob from Heather, Photo by Jill Hein

Double Blow, Photo by Jill Hein

Humpbacks – Heather (front) & Crater (behind), Photo by Jill Hein