T65s New Arrival & Gray 531!

T65s New Arrival & Gray 531!

On a windy and rough weather day, we had a report of Biggs/Transient orcas close by … so off we ploughed towards Mukilteo and were rewarded with some great windy views of the T65A family, with a new calf! Great excitement as we had many looks at the new calf, although hard to catch with a camera! So exciting to see orcas again in our area, they continued to head south out of Possession Sound. When returning to port we also found one of our “Sounders”, gray whale #531, feeding along the shoreline by Sandy Point. An unexpected surprise seeing 2 types of whales today – thanks Captain Eric for the great day! ~Jill Hein, volunteer naturalist.

T65As & a new calf! Photo by Jill Hein

T65A2 – male born 2004, Photo by Jill Hein

Mom T65A (born 1986) and her new calf, Photo by Jill Hein

T65A Family, Photo by Jill Hein

Mom & Kids, Photo by Jill Hein

Gray Whale #531 Feeding, Photo by Jill Hein

#531 Blowing, Photo by Jill Hein

#531 Pectoral Fin, Photo by Jill Hein