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Welcome to Aquatic Research & Monitoring

The Marine Mammal Monitoring division of:

Mystic Sea Charters

Our company is not only a whale watching company, but is also dedicated marine mammal monitors for various State, Federal and Private entities.

We take pride in being able to accomplish jobs in a timely manner and supply a safe environment and monitoring system for all marine mammals and other wildlife.

While working within industry standards, Aquatic Research and Monitoring offers a wide range of services including protection and enhancement of marine mammals and other wildlife in the ecosystem.

Recently, our company was awarded the Marine Mammal Detection and Monitoring Contract, NO. UCB-1016 from the Washington State Department of Transportation. This contract is for Marine Mammal Monitoring while ferry dock pilings are being driven.  The 100ft. M/V Mystic Sea was used in this case as a floating platform monitoring station.  On our boat, we used acoustic underwater hydrophone equipment in conjunction with optical observation of the area.  

The Captain and Crew aboard our vessel have over 50 years of combined Marine Mammal Observation experience.  In addition to our boat, we have highly skilled and professionally trained land-based Observers/Naturalists. We are monitoring and on the lookout for Orca whales, Humpback whales, Steller Sea Lions and endangered birds. If any of these species get within the specified danger range, the Captain and the Marine Biologist will make the decision to stop the pile driving operation until these endangered species are clear of the area.

Our vessel, the 100ft. M/V Mystic Sea, sits high off the water, which makes it perfect for visual observation, and it is capable of handling weather and observation up to a Beaufort 5 sea state. Our organization also has two smaller vessels available for the smaller jobs as well.

 ARM General Information Sheet

The classic 100ft. Mystic Sea has overnight accommodations for crew, staff and biologist, with range capabilities of 1200 miles without stopping.  Our vessel has extensive electronic packages and is diesel powered, with twin screw engines.

For remote locations, the Mystic Sea has the following features: onboard overnight accommodations, capabilities of preparing meals and seating for up to 65 people, providing 110/220 auxiliary power.  Our vessel and crew are experienced and trained for operations from Mexico to Alaska and include fuel, Captain/Observer and Deckhand/Naturalist.  Our 2 smaller boats are trailer-able, have electronic packages (except for radar), and also come with fuel, Captain, and Observer/Naturalist.

Our land-based Observers/Naturalists are completely mobile and can travel wherever needed.  When required, ARM has an ATV which can be used by Crew/Naturalist and Marine Biologist for remote locations as well.  The primary operations location of ARM is the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands area. 

Whether by land or sea, if your next job requires Marine Mammal experts, give us a call to discuss your needs and to learn more about the services that ARM offers.

Upon request, a more detailed specification sheet and rate sheet is available for each vessel.

Captain Monte Hughes
Mystic Sea Charters
Cell: 360-941-3378